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Precision Aluminum Die Casting

Die casting is versatile it is applied in almost every industry: machinery, lighting, electrical, electronics, furniture, motors, sports, accessories, buildings etc...

The process of aluminum (non ferrous) die casting is known to apply high pressure injection of molten aluminum into refined hardened steel mold cavity. This unique characteristic can be easily differentiated with other casting processes.

DIY Wood work Die Casting of Craftsman Table Saw
LED Industry Die Casting Parts of Outdoor LED
Medical Die Casting Parts of Merits Foot Rest
Transportation Die Casting Parts of Aircon Compressor Denso
Industry Die Casting of Electric Housing
Gear Box Die Casting Parts of Elephant Manual Hand Chain Blocks
Recreational Die Casting Parts of BBQ Stove BBQ Grill BBQ Cover
Furniture Die Casting Parts of Designer Chrome High End

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

  • Aluminum is one of most abundant metal in the world. The cost of aluminum is stable moreover it can be recycled efficiently.
  • Die cast is a fast fabrication process for mass volume in short span. It yields stable dimensional accuracy , complex design shapes and various thickness.
  • Casting designs are easy to reduce weight by reducing thickness with rib designs to increase strength yet more flexibility to castings.
  • Tooling is possible to in cooperate with multi slide mechanism to achieve castings with undercut and insert of different metals like copper, steel, magnet to achieve special requirement of the casting.
  • Aluminum's fast heat dissipation, high electrical conductivity and EMI /RFI shielding properties makes it an excellent choice for electrical housing choice of material.
  • Wide range of surface treatments available : Solvent paint, powder paint, ED coating, polish, chrome, anodize, vibratory finish, shot blast finish.
  • The capital investment of tooling cost is higher than other casting process, however, if amortized to high volume it can be produced the cost is relatively lower.