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Welcome to Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd.

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Company is one of Taiwan's oldest die casting companies. GP was founded in 1947 by Jinchi Lai, a pioneer in Taiwan's die casting industry. For over 69 years, GP has been a major supplier of custom casting solutions. GP maintains 107,000 sq. feet of space and 11 high pressure die cast machines ranging in size from 125 to 800 tons.

Besides providing customer with aluminum die-casting, we emphasize on casting design reviews with customers prior to mold making ensure appropriate mold development for each design. Enhance the advantage of aluminum alloy die castings and prevent possible defect in the future.

We also offers a full service of custom to the customer like polishing, grinding, hand grinding, drilling, tapping, and Machined (CNC lathes), milling and various surface treatment finished and coated.